Becoming A Seller

Localizedrsa is an online multi-seller platform where South African businesses get to sell their products online through our store. Whether you have your own website or not, let us expose your business to our visitors so they can become YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Why Us

“Localizedrsa officially launched 11 June 2019 and since our launch we have generated  over 126 000 website impressions. On the website we have received a total of 26 248 website visitors with each day receiving more then 50 visitors in a little over 6 months, the future looks bright!”-Progress Report, Nompumelelo Monareng (Co-Founder,CEO) 28/12/2019

“We at DermOrganix are really satisfied with being a seller at localized. The platform has granted our brand great exposure to various client who were previously not aware of our brand. The process as well is quick and easy. We appreciate the readiness to assist at anytime from your team. A great way to gain exposure and market your BRAND”- Dermoganix Pro Founder

With our platform not even being a year old we have managed to scale large in a very short period of time. These are analytics are largely due to unpaid organic traffic. We have an excellent SEO team working full time on our site to get our site seen on Google’s search engine. As an e-commerce platform we are in the business of generating traffic which convert to customers for our sellers.

We are seeing an increase in online activity in Africa, this is great for us because it allows us access to customers we were never able to reach. Retail is slowly dying and e-retail is the future.

Our Ideology

Our ideology is that the more exposure we receive as an online platform, the more exposure your business will receive as a recipient of our online platform. This means that the more traffic we receive (people visiting our website), the more your business grows, as some of these people will become your potential customers.

Benefits For Your Business

1. Exposure to a greater market-as this website has a collaborated market of people (this means that your business will be exposed to other business’s customers and visa versa)
2. We advertise your products on our social media platforms and other means of digital marketing
3. Fixed low cost delivery for your customers
4. Opportunities to collaborate with other entrepreneurs to provide new/unique products and services which will benefit all parties
We take 15% from each sale you make through this platform. We do monitor our seller’s store on our platform and outside our platform to identify any price hiking. Sellers who increase prices will be identified and removed from the platform.

How To Become A Seller

  1. Sign up to become a seller
  2. Receive application status
  3. Set up your store through your seller’s dashboard
  4. Upload your products
  5. Manage your inventory


Must be a 100% registered (or in the process of registering) South African owned business

If you sell internationally sourced products, then the products must be original (No counterfeit products allowed)

Must have a fixed location for collection of products

Must have stock readily available

Must adhere to our refund and exchange policies

Must be able to manage your own inventory through a portal we will provide

Must have an order ready within your stated processing time (Failure to do so might result in your store being disabled)