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Do you have a great engagement on social media? 


It's time to use that to your advantage and make some extra cash! Sign up to our affiliate programme today.


So What Is An Affiliate?

An affiliate is just a fancy word to describe a marketing agent because all you will be doing as an affiliate is to market our brand to your followers, friends and even family!


Affiliate Marketing

Have you noticed one of your favourite Instagram influencer/s or Youtube blogger/s raving about a product or service from a certain brand and they encourage you to purchase from that brand using maybe a link or a certain code? That is what we call affiliate marketing. When a person uses that link or code to make a purchase from that brand then the affiliate(the Influencer/Blogger) gets a commission from that sale! How cool is that?


  • You need to be active on at least 2 social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook)

  • You need to have a good engagement-this means people should be engaging with your posts by liking and commenting


If you meet these requirements then sign up for affiliate programme using this link or the sign up form at the bottom of this page.

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