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Luxurious Primer Set

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Product Description

This luxurious primer set consists of our Bedew Primer Oil and a Facial Cleansing Oil.

A perfect kit for anyone who loves hydrated, moisturised skin and flawless foundation. Perfect for achieving a natural, dewy look without any or minimal foundation.

Bedew Primer Oil

A light, fast absorbing face Primer oil that prepares your skin for flawless foundation and make-up application. It hydrates and moisturises your skin to give you a Reydiant dewy glow.

Facial Cleansing Oil

Specially formulated for each skin type to help balance the skins natural oils, thereby giving you clear skin. It is a light weight formulation that aids in skin regeneration and moisturising.

Reydiant is Truly Natural. All our products contain the finest natural ingredients, with an emphasis on ingredients that are plant-based, and food-grade. Every ingredient is included for a therapeutic reason. No animal testing is conducted on any of  our products or the ingredients we use. Our oils are all cold-pressed or steam distilled. We chose these methods because they are the best extraction methods available in the industry and allow for premium quality oils. All our products are hand-blended in small batches in Cape Town, South Africa.

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