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Welcome back to part #2 of Whats new with Localized. 

In the previous blog I covered the new products in the beauty and fashion department. Today we continue with the rest of the departments to review the expansion of the website. Lets jump in where we left off with the beauty department.


Beauty Department – Cosmetics


Hives ranges of waxes are formulated with the purest ingredients to deliver optimum efficiency and gentle application. The comprehensive range consists of warm and creme waxes with parables free formulations designed to produce silky,smooth results with a high level of client comfort,ensuring waxing professionals can wax with confidence. Shop here for this product.

800g - R240

700g - (hot film wax) R280

700g - (paraffin wax) R240


Beauty Department - Cosmetics


Who doesn’t love a good face mask? On Localized there are these great L’Action mud face masks that Retail for R50.00 each. There are five different kinds: Detoxifying, Clear Skin, Lifting, vital hydration and fair complexion. Shop here to give your skin the love that its been missing or to add to your skin care routine.


Beauty Department - Cosmetics


A little something for the men. This is the NU SKIN for men - Shaving cream and after shave cream. 

Shaving Cream - R348.30 (Shop here)


  • Cleanses, exfoliates and conditions as you shave for a comfortable, smooth after-feel.
  • Concentrated lather optimises razor glide.
  • Contains dipotassium glycyrrhizate (Liquorice) that protects and soothes sensitive skin and bisabolol that relieves skin from dryness, chapping and chafing.

After shave Cream - R445.33 (Shop here)

This lightweight balm makes facial hair softer, finer and less noticeable, extending the results of your morning shave.


  • Makes facial hair softer, finer and less noticeable for a longer lasting morning shave.


  • Aloe vera to moisturize and soothe skin.
  • Urea, yeast extract, algae extract, and glucosamine HCl, a technologically advanced exfoliating ingredient blend that contributes to help diminish razor bumps


Homeware department - Furniture


I excitedly present to you the Shell Loveseat. My favourite things about having different vendors on Localized is the interesting pieces you will come across. This loveseat, also known as the comfiest looking chair that ever existed (according to me) retails for a R11585. Sure the price may seem over the top but so is this great chair. Shop here for the loveseat.


Homeware DepartmentFurniture



Freshen up your bedroom with our easy to hang Hanover contemporary stitched headboard in a choice of one of our superb quality fabrics. Available in sizes from single to king. Custom fabrics and colours available on request This beautiful piece retails for R1780.75. Shop here


Homeware DepartmentHomeware Accessories


I don’t know what it is about them but I’m drawn to these pendant lights. The texture and the finish is everything I love. Beautiful, minimalist and right up my alley. These pendant lights can be used to customize your space. Buy a set and create a modern chandelier or use them individually as statement pieces! They retail for R692.75. Shop here for this piece.


I’ve come to the end of this blog just to realize that there’s more products to be shown so believe it or not there will be an entire part THREE to whats new at LocalizedRsa. You know the drill, keep your eyes peeled for the last part of this little mini series we have going on.

If you would love to be part of whats new, then become a seller, join the LocalizedRsa family and be part of the growth of this wonderful website.

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