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Welcome back!

So, the past week we’ve been looking at the new editions on Localizedrsa. I’m sifting through each department and seeing what’s. This website is ever growing so as more sellers join the site, the more products there will be for customers. So, in the first blog I tackled the beauty and fashion department and in part 2 I added the homeware department. In today’s blog I’m going to dive into the rest of the departments to wrap up this miniseries. Let’s jump right in


Electronics Departments – Electronic Products

To whom it may concern, Localized actually stocks cellphones. There’s an array of iphones and a some select Huawei’s units. Whether you’re team IOS or Android, Localized has got you covered. These are the phones currently carried on the website. Click here for more details.

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone 8

Huawei P30

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 lite


Electronic Department – Electronic Accessories

The accessories may be few but the department as a whole is bursting with potential and personally I’m very excited to see it expand over time. Shop here for these great accessories.


Stationery and office furniture Department – Stationery packages


Whether you are in exam season or preparing for back to school 2020, this department will fulfill your stationery needs. Some packages include colour pens, a calculator and also different types of note books and an array of stationery such as pens and erasers. Shop here to check out the different types of packages to find what best suites your school or office needs.


Stationery and office furniture Department – Office furniture

At this point I don’t know how I still have room in my wish list for anything. The monitor riser could help improve your posture and the alignment of your neck so instead of slightly looking down at your PC, it will force you to straighten you neck reducing possible discomfort and pain. And the Olivia desk is absolutely beautiful. It could be used as a working desk or maybe even a vanity table for all your cosmetics and makeup. Shop here for these items.


Food Department

The food department is quite literally full of flavour. It currently holds these appetizing tubs of mixed spices, each one put together to go with different dishes. Add some new flavour to your favourite dishes and purchase one of these masala’s. Shop here

The gifts department remains the same and you can check out a previous blog about some of the treasures in the gifts department.

Finally reached the end of the what’s new miniseries. This website continues to grow and the journey has been nothing short of amazing. The site has only been running for a few short months and I can’t wait to see where it will be a few months from now when we do this series all over again.


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