Heritage Day with LocalizedRSA

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Celebrate Heritage Day with LocalizedRSA

In honour of Heritage Day I figure it’s the perfect time to take a look at some proudly South African merchandise here on Localizedrsa.


The first brand is Neophyte. They make some great graphic t-shirts. They’re lightweight cotton, they come in muted or bold prints to suite your different needs. These are perfect for our fresh step into the new spring season. Get yours here


The next brand is Axle clothing. There is a selection for men and women: Cropped hoodies, long sleeve crew necks t-shirts to suite your personal style needs. Shop here.


In a different department we have Derm Organix PRO next on the list. They produce cosmetics products for all your skin needs including serum, day cream, cleanser, toner, exfoliator and even a great tooth whitening kit. 


This next one is one of my personal favourites. I may not wear ties myself but the concept of bold printed ties and bow ties is a great idea and can spice up any wardrobe, formal or non-formal this spring. The cherry on top is that each tie has a different name. Above is Nate, James and Charles. Each has a description to give you a better idea of the item to make your choice that much easier. Shop here.


Last but certainly not least there is top quality and well-crafted furniture. Each piece has a beautiful finish and artistic design that could freshen up your space and add a little modern look to your space. 

Be sure to check out the proudly South African products page to shop for any and more of these items. 

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