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Business name: King Musa Maswanganyi (Shaunspeare Pty Ltd)

Business: Business training, coaching and consultancy

Business owner: King Maswanganyi

Position: Sales Coach

Q: When did you know that it was the right time to start your business and what motivated you to start?

A: When I was in high school and peers always asked me for my artwork. I've been selling since high school but registered in 2015.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced and what kept you going?

A: I had to run my business and had a job at the same time so my biggest challenge was time. I had to delegate a lot in order to solve that.

Q: What’s the story behind your business name?

A: The story is me. Its my name representing the business I’ve built.

Q: What are your responsibilities as the business owner?

A: Sales coach & to ensure everyone is happy: Staff, clients & suppliers.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur and your most satisfying moment in business?

A: I get to own my time

Q: How do you invest in your business (money, advertising…) and which of the methods have altered the most results?

A: I spend time with my customers even outside of business. This yields the best results. A sale is a relationship.

Q: How do you define success?

Success is planning to do something and managing to execute it

Q: What key activities/skills do you think are needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

A: An appetite for risk. If you’re not willing to risk everything you have right now and do what you love…then keep your day job.

Q: What advice do you have for people considering starting a business or those who have just started their own?

A: Hire a team that’s better than you









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