Do We Have The Item You’re Looking For?

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This is a top frequently asked question here on LocalizedRSA and this blog post will address it.

The simple answer is if you can’t find it on our website, then we don’t have it. Some items that are out of stock will show “sold out” the seller decides to indicate that as they plan on restocking that item. But if a seller decides they will not restock a certain item then they will remove the item altogether and you will not find it on the website.

LocalizedRSA is a platform that allows business owners, to market and sell their products. LocalizedRSA also facilitates the shipping of products from seller to buyer. This means that LocalizedRSA does not keep any stock(we do not handle any inventory), we just provide you access to the products you are looking to purchase from a buyer.

So the next time you’re browsing the departments and you don’t see what you’re searching for then more often than not it means we do not sell that particular product. But rest assured because LocalizedRSA is still up and coming and we are constantly building our client base (sellers on the platform) so we can bring you all the products that you love.

Always keep an eye out for new merchandise as we are constantly receiving new sellers with amazing new products! 

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