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Blogpost-My name is Michelle Magagula and welcome to the LocalizedRSA blog.

What is the blog about?

The blog will cover many topics such as entrepreneurship, online shopping, product reviews, recommendations, interviews, recent updates, blogs about life and many more! This will be a South African blog directory.

Why did I join the LocalizedRSA team?

I was, and still am, incredibly excited to be a part of this brand. LocalizedRSA serves the local business owners of South Africa and creates a platform for them to market their work and put SA on the map when it comes to entrepreneurship and business. We all know someone trying to push their hustle and I’m glad to be part of a company that allows me to lend my voice to those who are trying to make a living and a name for themselves.

Okay Mimi, but who are you?

Well as I mentioned my name is Michelle (Mimi) Magagula. I am 26 years old. I’m currently studying towards an honours degree in psychological counselling. And when I’m not tossing and turning to meet those deadlines (students know the struggle), I am here lending my voice to LocalizedRSA.

Future of the blog

Over time the blog will become more structured to give you, the reader, the content and consistency that will provide you with the best experience as possible. And if you would like to contribute to sparking up the website and the blog then I encourage you to leave reviews on products and comments on your online shopping experience here on LocalizedRSA. Your view and input is what builds this website and what will help keep it at the standard that everyone will enjoy. I guarantee you that we read every single comment and review and we take every single thing into consideration so don’t be afraid to lend your voice to us.

If you have any questions then drop us a line at

Coming soon: NEWSLETTER!!!

LocalizedRSA will soon launch a newsletter to keep you updated on all the latest sales, promotions and blogs. Keep your eye out on future blogs for the newsletter announcement and make sure to follow all the LocalizedRSA social media accounts so you can stay in the loop about sales, promotions and new products.




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